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  • aristobrat
    Sep 19, 03:26 PM
    I'm not touching it until they offer 5.1 sound. I'm sure its just a matter of time, though.
    I thought they had 5.1 sound already in the movie downloads?

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  • iMacZealot
    Sep 14, 08:30 AM
    Hey, across the pond, Nokia's putting in 3.2 MP's in some models with a Carl Zeiss.

    But I doubt we'd be seeing an iPhone here.

    Wait a minute! It the event is Sept. 24 here, wouldn't it be Sept. 25 in London? Is it a relay there?

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  • miles01110
    Apr 20, 12:55 PM
    Innocent until proven guilty ... what happend to that? You cant just claim 'Apple has a centralized database with all your location information' when the only thing that is know is that it is stored locally on your device.
    Well it's a good thing that's not what I claimed, isn't it then?

    Just claiming a stupid thing and say it is true until you prove it's wrong does not work. There is no evidence whatsoever that it is stored somewhere else.

    Did you even read the post I was responding to? I made no claim other than it is impossible to say whether or not the data is stored somewhere else unless you have some sort of evidence to suggest that it isn't. Since it's on an Apple (a company that's all about data collection) device and the data itself isn't particularly useful stored locally, it's not unreasonable to guess that it is indeed being stored somewhere else.

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  • hondaboy945
    Sep 14, 04:13 PM
    OMG it's made from Magnesium. What if it catches on fire?
    I assume you are kidding. Wow I reallyhope you are kidding. Just kidding. Seriously it is likely that there will never be a DSLR by Apple. It would be cool if Apple announced the acquisition of Adobe systems. That way they could add Aperture to CS3 and call it something "catchy." We all love speculation. Can't wait. My wife is a photographer.

    Also what exactly was the recent ACD upgrade besides the lowering of price, I think I missed this.

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  • Bomino
    Apr 25, 03:02 AM
    You certainly ain't the only one. Obvious troll is obvious.

    i thought this from my first post, but his join date is 08, and he's a regular. that is what has me thinking that what he is saying is really how he thinks/acts.

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  • iMacZealot
    Sep 18, 12:04 AM
    There are ways of unlocking CDMA phones and using them on other networks.


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  • diamond.g
    May 3, 12:57 PM
    One of the two guys there did immediately go to a computer and check the web site while the other went into the back to find out what information he could. He came back and reported that the old iMacs were due to be sent back to Apple today and that new iMacs were going to be arriving imminently, but he couldn't say whether that'd be today, tomorrow, or any particular day.

    Using the Apple Store app on my iPhone, it shows that I can reserve the old iMacs at the regular prices at this store. At a store on the other side of Pittsburgh, it also shows the old iMacs, but the prices are reduced $100-300.

    Ah, it's just been updated. It's now showing the reduced prices for the old iMacs at my local store as well. Still no sign of the new iMacs in the app for reserved pickup yet.

    That is interesting.

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  • marc11
    Apr 25, 01:24 PM
    This, if it and Ivy Bridge, lower SSD prices/larger capacities come to fruition solidify my decision to stay with my 2010 and wait for the 2012 refresh.

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  • xlii
    Apr 14, 11:52 AM
    Now that it's part of the platform Apple has no excuse for not including it. However, it wouldn't surprise me to see a MBP with this platform that still only has 2.0 connectors.

    Well, it would surprise me. USB3.0 and Thunderbolt will come included in Intel''s Ivy Bridge. Apple would have to add more hardware and disable USB 3.0 to make it 2.0 only. Makes zero cents.

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  • Ravich
    May 3, 05:05 PM
    macpro dead in 2 prediction:mad:
    Why would Apple do that?

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  • callme
    Mar 29, 01:11 PM
    Apple still doesn't have upload to a cloud or wireless syncing, and Windows Phone does. 25 GB free sky drive, as well as a beautiful hub where you choose what to access at a glance. In iOS, you have to flick and flick, especially if you have many apps. The wireless syncing is slick. Facebook integration flawless. WP7 also now has cut, copy, and paste and HTML5 before the end of the year. I'm sorry, but hooking up with the largest mobile phone manufacture is a no brainer.

    1. MobileMe provides upload to a cloud for photos / movies / etc.

    2. No need to flick if you have many Apps, just swipe left from the main Home Page and you have instant access to 'Search', type the first letter of the app you want and there you go. VERY QUICK.

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  • ju5tin81
    Oct 27, 09:56 AM
    By getting press coverage, by being ejected, they have got what they wanted: To raise awareness of their cause.

    In addition, the british press just LOVE to bring down a sucessful person/product/brand... brace yourselves for a lot of anti-apple press, now everyone knows how un-green apple are.

    I was there today, and was offered a leaflet, and an organic apple, on leaving olympia tube station. They do have a valid point...

    It hurt when I saw my work arrange for a broken tangerine iMac to be taken to the tip, when Dell came personally to take their broken PC...

    I love apple, they could do more than simply offer to recycle their PACKAGING! Finish the job Apple. (We pay enough for the privelige)

    Edit: Apple can you also put a spell check into Safari please :)

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  • Huntn
    Apr 25, 09:49 AM
    IMO, progressive does not equal big government. In fact, progressives and conservatives probably want the same overall size, but weighted in different directions. Social vs Defense.

    Then you can look to the future when computers/machines have taken over a vast amount of the tasks that humans used to do to earn a living. What kind of system will work then? My guess it that it will be closure to socialism the capitalism. ;)

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  • RichP
    Sep 10, 08:06 AM
    Clovertown +Adobe CS3 + Leopard = My credit card go boom!

    Coming spring 2007...

    Seriously, I am suprised these chips are pin-compatible with the Conroe, which is pin compatible with some P4s. Seems like the next REAL boost in intel performance will be the summer of when the next-gen chipsets and such are released. (as previously posted)

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 22, 02:05 PM
    Netbooks do not have optical drives. Ultraportables do.

    The MBA looks good as a netbook. It looks bad as an ultraportable.

    MBA and MBP are two different markets.

    MBA is for people that want light. MBP is for people that want a full featured notebook.

    So you want a big MBA.

    If they could have the same processors, that would happen already at 13".

    So, ONE netbook which has an optical drive. Which makes the MBA look bad because it doesn't have one.

    Actually, most netbooks make the MBA look bad because it doesn't have gigabit ethernet.

    And a 15" Zacate which is not a notebook because the CPU is too weak, it's not a netbook, and it's not an ultraportable because it's too big would make an MBP without optical disk look bad because of the price, even if it has little reason to exist (unclassifiable in a bad way).

    I heard the name HP Envy, but I never bothered looking what it is. So yes, I ignore it.

    So, if there's no option to have heated seats in the Audi, that looks bad.

    My god, I haven't found myself reaching for the ignore button on this forum in a long time. You've just reset that timer.

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  • bigpics
    Mar 29, 03:51 PM
    Smartphones will be obsolete by 2015. Telepathy is the future of telecommunications :p :DYou're being sarcastic of course, but telecommunication behind the ear chip implants by 2020-25, and the full "Borg experience" 10-15 years after that (which if Apple's the leader would make us "iBorgs," now that's an actually possible real story.

    (Implanted phones were predicted, btw, in a '60's James Coburn action/spy movie "The President's Analyst." Now THAT's a long-term projection....)

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  • amols
    Sep 12, 02:28 PM
    Album art browsing is beautiful. Now that's one more reason to get art cover for all the songs in my library.

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  • jessica.
    Apr 25, 08:49 AM
    Why do I feel like you are one of the people who purposely try to slow people down because you need to be on some higher moral ground and make sure the entire world does the speed you believe is safe?Higher moral ground? Read your posts ... pot meet kettle. :rolleyes:

    Because I am going to. I'm a completely safe driver (even when doing 90 or above) until I run into some dunderhead who has to enforce the speed limit themselves. Had that woman just moved like everyone else did, I would have never had to cut her off in order to punish her. And yes I did have to punish her, because she needed to be taught her dang place on the road.I believe it is you who believes he holds some higher moral ground here. I believe that it is you who feels the need to punish someone. Everything you say about her and what she did to you is exactly what you're doing to her. Honking, flashing your lights, tailgating, and break checking her is punishing her for traveling at a safe speed. Just because you're a child in a car that is too much for you to handle and too expensive for a punk 16 year old doesn't make you a ****ing law. You're going 90, I am glad she didn't move and glad that it has you so worked up that you came here to cry about it.

    EDIT: @adk - yes I am 16, however in this situation my mother was in the car and actually encouraged me to cut the idiot off. So it's not just an age based thing.

    -DonParenting, no license required ... clearly. I think I'll keep an eye on the news in your area so I can see just when and how you kill yourself or worse yet (and much worse yet) someone else because of your awesome driving skills.

    I personally love how I get the bad rap, when the woman was the one going under the speed limit and attempted to breakcheck me first. She got what was coming to her. Had she just had some common courtesy and moved over, nothing would of happened. Instead she decided that she had to play traffic cop.

    You people are all laughable.

    -DonYou're 16 going 20 mph over the speed limit. You are not a COMPLETELY safe driver, not even a little. Your mother supposedly allowing you to do this is equally disgusting. The driver was likely not trying to enforce the speed limit. Just because you're speeding and people are getting out of your way, doesn't mean that her unwillingness to let you by is her way of enforcing anything. Newsflash, just because you're doing 90 in a 70 doesn't mean people HAVE to move. Most move because they fear for their own lives. I also call BS, I bet she wasn't doing 65. You're no more a safe driver than you are honest. Your first post you already concluded that you would have lied about some animal in the road. Doing 90, chances are you wouldn't even see the animal. You are laughable at best. It is not common courtsey to move out of the way of some guy honking, tailgating, and flashing his brights at you. You speak of courtsey and yet you have none.

    When someone like you comes knocking on my ass you get to stay behind me while I chill on cruise control. Keep in mind, all those people who moved are witnesses. Should something have happened, at least one would be there. The so-called law and your so-called awesome family member who can supposedly get you out of all of this are powerless when it comes to you touching metal. Rear-ending someone may be 100% the fault of the person behind you until a witness comes forward and explains how the accident came to be. Animal or not, you're screwed.

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  • iSayuSay
    Mar 22, 05:32 PM
    Wife said Yes

    But apple said no for now. Mac mini is core2duo for him right now lol

    Apr 4, 12:41 PM
    Me neither. I wonder if the suspects were armed...or at least how smashing glass doors escalated into gunfire.

    It mentions in the article that there was an exchange of gunfire, so apparently the bad guys had guns. Chalk one up for the good guys....

    Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 5, 12:11 PM
    I knew it was true.

    Mar 30, 12:56 PM
    So if Apple losses can they just go and make a really, really crummy, crash prone application that sells MP3, that are encoded really poorly, and is just the most absolutely worst garbage ever and call it, "Da Amazon MP3 and AppStore for Windows and Office" ?

    While I do think Apple's TM should be upheld, I do wish they would change the name themselves.


    Apr 22, 04:55 PM
    They'd have better found a place for Nvidia or AMD GPU via PCI-E not that Thunderbolt...

    Sep 12, 03:33 AM
    Multimedia, in the Sept.12th thread, you said:

    "I now predict a 50% chance the C2Q Mac will be unveiled tomorrow. And if not tomorrow no later than early November."

    I guess that's what people disagreed with (although I haven't finished reading the whole thread yet). I agree with you that it is indeed really big news and I still can't quite wrap my mind around the idea, but I'd be extremely surprised if Apple announces anything Kentsfield later today. (It's already the 12th here in South Korea.)I agree. I let my enthusasm for the surprise Core 2 Quadro would be ready for retail shelves mid October swept my logic away. I've changed that post since coming to my senses.

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